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How Marijuana Drug Testing Emerged in the Workplace

The topic cannabis also known as marijuana rippled a lot of issues in today’s society. The views and opinions about tetrahydrocannabinol of people who can freely use spiffs for marijuana is legalized in their place. Maybe there is a lot of questions running in your mind like now such as, what will the marijuana industry do or what are the marijuana industry’s rules and regulation in making their company unquestionable?

If you are up to something like that, then maybe this would help you fill some information for your curious minds. We will unlock the possible consequences of marijuana legalization especially about marijuana drug testing. One of the major questions that remains to be the hot topic for arguments relating to it, is the drug test for the employers. THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is one of the active formulas of cannabis or marijuana. The ingredient will stay inside the user for quite long time. Way back when marijuana is still illegal, issues about the drug testing is not that popular but, as it gets legal, some employer ignored the THC test which is crucial in determining whether the person is stoned or not. The plant has a broader ramification than any other drugs, this could mean that you’ll be expecting a greater impact of it to you, greater than other completely illegal drugs.

The thing is that, the expert said that there is no accurate testing method for the THC impairments. Because of that, the employer cannot assure the safeness of their tests. The cannabis testing for every company before was strict that’s why they decided to lessen it but, there seemed to be a growing trend for permissiveness. They find more and more of their candidates, being positive on THC testing. Some employers may eliminate the that kind of test while some will not, instead, they will just consider their employee as it will promise to be clean for the next test. It’s not yet sure if people under the influence of marijuana is allowed in the job, it’s just that, the main issue becomes the frequent talked for those hiring and firing. The authorities can determine the presence of THC in a person through its urine. However, with the use of whizzinator the result can be flip. Though there are testing methods used in knowing the presence of the plant in the body, it still won’t determine if they are impaired or not.