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How to Know if you Eligible for Medicare

If you have health insurance, you can receive medical treatment from the best doctors and facilities in the business without worrying about the thousands of dollars it costs. There is a significant percentage of the country’s population that will have to cover medical costs by themselves and cannot have access to lower prescription costs because they don’t have health insurance. It is because of this concern to fund expensive medical treatment and procedures that Medicare comes as a relief to these uninsured individuals, enabling them to access lower prescriptions costs. In this article you are going to learn about Medicare and what you need to qualify for it.

The main difference between Medicare and the other health insurance programs you know of is that this one belongs to federal government and has up to four different parts, each responsible for a specific thing. The first part of this health insurance is known as Medicare part A which covers the cost of hospital stays or the bills incurred in a nursing facility. The most commonly used part of Medicare is B because it covers the costs of regular doctor’s visits as well as medical suppliers one might need.

There is Medicare part C also known as Medicare Advantage and unlike the first two, t is only available through private insurers and one must be enrolled in part A and part B to qualify. If you require long-term use of medication, you understand the importance of having access to lower prescription costs and Medicare part D helps with that. You now understand why it is important to qualify for Medicare if you don’t have health insurance and why you should check your eligibility.

Being eligible to Medicare part A means you can access the lower prescription costs in part D, however, you be receiving or be eligible for social security or railroad retirement benefits or worked for the government and has paid into Medicare payroll taxes. Medicare coverage is not for those who are above sixty-five years only, it is available to you too if you qualify to with lower prescription costs one of the awaiting benefits.

With the numerous benefits of this insurance comes a cost that you are expected to pay which usually vary from one person to another based on different things before you can have lower prescription costs. For those who are long-term medication users, there is a premium to be paid monthly to have access to lower prescription costs, and it is based largely on your income although there are other contributing factors too. These are the questions you ask about Medicare coverage to know if you are eligible.

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