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Virtual Meeting - Real Communication

Collaborate and communicate virtually with Telepresence:

  • Life-like, high-definition video and CD-quality audio in an immersive environment
  • Collaborative tools such as presentation sharing and high-definition document cameras
  • Access to a broad community via our public and private rooms and connectivity to TelePresence rooms on other providers’ networks 

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Is Telepresence the right video solution
for your business?
I spend a lot of time traveling to business meetings around the world.
I am trying to reduce or better manage my travel budget.
Work life balance is important to me.
The impact of my business on the environment is a key concern.
Face to face meetings are critical to building trust in a business relationship.
I want to improve productivity across my organization.

With Telepresence you can meet with your team, clients, and partners from wherever you are, avoiding the time and hassle associated with travel.

With Telepresence video conference, you can confidently replace some of your travels with virtual meetings. No need to reduce frequency of meeting or sacrifice quality of travel.

Telepresence gives you the flexibility to travel only when it is truly necessary, providing more time to focus on what’s really important.

It would take 200 years of Telepresence meetings between Paris and New York to generate as much CO2 as a single flight between the 2 cities. Calculate your carbon footprint.

We agree.  Which is why Telepresence is such an innovative tool- enabling face-to-face collaboration more frequently.

Telepresence will save time and money to your organization through reduced travel, improved group collaboration, reduced confusion and enhanced work life balance.

Telepresence is designed to help you and your business. Experience it for yourself. Learn More

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